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July 16, 2019 3 min read

How fascinating the iPhone is? By getting myself a latest iPhone, it’s just felt like I am getting a BMW.According to my surroundings iPhone is one of the priciest smartphones in the world.

We don’t even think that something might break as it’s simply sleek and elegant. However, when “something” really happens later, we look at the “dead” screen and can’t figure what happened.

Some serious advice from Apple that can help you extend the life of your iPhone.

1. Only Original Accessories

iPhone Lightning Cable - Apple


According to some sources, non-Apple certified accessories like charger or cables can ruin your iPhone functionality and even lead to fire, explosion or death. So don’t be cheap as that might cost even more later. Use only Apple certified cables.

2. Trying to close all applications a once

There’s myth saving battery energy by closing/clearing all the applications when you’re not using them. In fact, it’s the other way round because applications are basically paused in background and don’t need any extra energy nor use any extra energy with that. But, if you closed them and turn them on again, they take much more energy to “re-launch” rather than “un-paused”. So please please stop this habit.

3. Use a protective case that protects

Most people will go for ordinary bulky cases when it comes to protection. However, you should be practical in term of functionality and style. As thick case can lead to overheating and affects the speed of wireless charging. iPhone users are always recommended to go for thin iPhone Cases to preserve the absolute feel of the device itself. Think about it, do you want to bring a brick to the street or an iPhone?

4. Hot vs Cold Weather

Apple says you can only use your iPhone in the temperature range of 0 to 35 degree Celsius. Your iPhone might be totally damaged if you use them outside the suggested temperature range. So turn it off when you’re on the walking on desert or skiing on the ice.

5. Don't charge your iPhone overnight

Sound familiar to you? Plug in, Sleep and Wake up with 100% charged iPhone. Although, this is a very debatable topic but many suggests that charging your iPhone overnight can damage the battery. The battery life might decrease rapidly than usual. So, in order to prolong the battery life of your iPhone, you should unplug the charging cable before it reaches 100%. Your iPhone work best between 20% and 80% of battery level.

6. Don't leave battery uncharged long

Your iPhone’s battery might break down if you don’t use it for a long time as you might unable to switch it on when you need it in the future. Please please avoid such situations but find a way to use it or sell it off to others.

7. Too many push notifications

Have you ever been distracted by your own’s or other’s notifications during an important call? It is annoying right? The most vital issue with notifications is draining iPhone’s battery because they kept the iPhone working in background all the time to fetch data online. So think about it, if you really need all these annoying notifications.

iPhone push notification

8. Disable location services

You should not enable location services for all your applications (especially social media apps) all the time! Except important services like apple maps and “find my iPhone” function as location services really affects the battery life of your iPhone.

iPhone location services

9. Restart your iPhone

On one random day your iPhone suddenly freeze and do not react to anything, have you ever encountered this situation? That’s probably you have not restart/reboot your iPhone for a really long time. Imagine yourself working 24/7 365 days without rest? Also, what’s the first thing Apple support will ask you to do when your having problems with your iPhone? Restart/reboot your iPhone! That’s right, so start to restart/reboot your iPhone at least once a week.

10. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled all the time

Have you ever wondered why is my iPhone battery go down rapidly when you’re not even doing anything on it? This is actually very logical, when you enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but not using them, your iPhone’s battery is simply wasted. So in order to reduce the battery consumption and prolong the battery life, please please turn off these features when you are not using them.

iPhone Setting