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November 09, 2019 4 min read

Every iPhone user knows the struggle, the iPhones are great but the battery starts to give in after a year or two of everyday use. iPhone has addressed the issue in their latest models by improving the battery capabilities but that still leaves the rest of us that weren't planning on upgrading our phones to a iPhone 11 Pro just yet. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

Why the battery gets worse

After a year of use, the fuel tank of your car can still hold the same amount of gasoline as it could when you bought it. Our phones batteries are a little different. The contents of the battery that hold the electricity degrade slowly the more they are used. You can easily check how much your battery has degraded if you go to the battery setting and click on battery health. It will show you a percentage that represents how well your battery is preforming versus a newly bought phone.

Below the percentage it will tell you if the battery is still able to perform at peak performance, if not, it will apply 'performance management'. You can give your iPhone a helping hand by adopting some phone usage habits that will slow down the degrading of your battery.

iPhone Battery Performance

Here are 5 tips on improving the lifespan of your iPhone battery;

1) Don't close the apps

A big myth about battery usage and lifespan is that the apps that seem to be running in the background suck up energy and will cause your phone to drain quicker. And although in cases where the apps use either your location or play music in the background, all the other apps use no additional energy when you leave them open in the background. It gets even worse, closing the apps by swiping them away takes them out of your phones RAM. If you now reopen one of these apps, your phone has to load it back in his memory and that takes energy. so even though it might feel a bit counterintuitive if you are used to closing your apps, your phone will thank you and stay alive longer because of it. Note that for theist work, you should disable the background app refresh.

2) Check your battery usage

If you are suffering from an iPhone that seems to drop its battery percentage faster than you can count, you want to check what the biggest cause of the problem is. It could of course be that the battery is just past his useful lifespan in which case you should replace it or buy a new phone. But checking the battery usage might give you an insight into which apps are the biggest battery leakers. This could be your instagram or facebook that you unconsciously scroll through whenever you are bored. Or a mobile game with high requirements that can drop drop your battery's percentage by 20 percent in a matter of minutes. If you see that a large part of the battery goes to waste because of one or two apps, you can try limiting those or using a battery saving setting like instagram dark to limit the apps impact.

3) Brightness and dark mode

IOS 13 gives you the ability to put your phone in dark mode which is more comfortable to look at when you are in a dimmed room and also uses less energy. Alternatively, lowering your brightness has a similar effect. Lowering the brightness by as little as 1/5 might not seem like a lot but it adds up after a day of use and it might surprise you how much longer you can use your phone.

iPhone iOS 13 Dark Mode Setting

4) Energy using functions

If you have a long day ahead of you and you know you won't be able to charge your phone, you can turn of some energy draining functions to lengthen the time you can use your phone. Airdrop, Wifi and Bluetooth are all functions that use energy. While it isn't a lot, again, this adds up over time. If you turn those functions off, and use them only when necessary, your phone might just survive the day.

5) Volume and vibrating

Last and maybe least, the volume and the vibrating function are often overlooked energy users. lowering your volume can lower your energy use and so can turning off the vibrating functions for messages and calls. Compared to some of the other causes of a quickly draining iPhone battery, this is a small factor but it might just be enough to help you through the day.

6) Overheating 

Overheating caused by bulky cases might also be an issue. However this can be resolved by not using a cover or choose to use a thinner iPhone case. You can buy a minimalistic iPhone 11 Pro case that is stylish and hardly noticeable yet protective here. What most important is it doesnt heat up your iPhone as quickly as compared to thick bulky cases.