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July 19, 2019 2 min read

The release of latest iPhone XS marks the key revolution age for Apple. Sleek, Elegant, Slim yet powerful. Nonetheless, packed with uncountable new functions and features. Countless iPhone owners are particularly impressed with the design of the device. “It feels like a crime to put a case on the nicest iPhone Apple’s ever made” In other world, iPhone with such an amazing design deserve an equally good-looking slim case, and that’s where we come in.

Here’s the thing, it’s so weird when people put on an ordinary bulky cover on such an amazing device. Ask yourself, will you bring a BRICK or an awesome iPhone to the street? What’s the reason of you buying an iPhone just to HIDE it beneath an ugly case?

Here come our Go Original iPhone XS Slim Case,it is specially designed for you. This iPhone XS Slim Case is the best of both worlds: no doubt it’s slim and sleek, more grip, no unnecessary bulk, lightweight and thin with optimal protection against minor bumps and scratches. Countless of features that you can ever think of.

Wireless Charging is the trend and that’s why our it’s so important to choose a case that fully compatible with wireless charging. The best iPhone XS Slim case, like Go Original series can support and boost the wireless charging functionality due to how slim it is. It also works well with our Go Free Wireless Charger.

Go Original iPhone XS Slim Case also equipped with raised bezels for screen and rear camera protection. It’s so sleek that you will barely notice it. KASEbelieved customers' happiness is what we matter, so love it or money back. Just as simple as this.